Developing WordPress across different environments

A standard practice in developing websites is to use different environments. For the non technical person this mean developing versions of the site in different places. Typically a developer will develop a site ‘locally’ which mean on his own machine and no one else will have access to it. Then they’ll be a ‘development’ site where … Continued

Connecting to the Strava API

There has been a massive boom in the GPS running watches and fitness apps. Fitbit, Garmin watches, Strava to name but a few. Huge amount of data is stored on the users fitness actvities and nearly all these companies allow for this data to be accessed via their APIs. While I haven’t yet come up … Continued

How to hide the toolbar on your WordPress site.

If you are logged in to a WordPress site as a user you’ll automatically see the toolbar in the public side of the site and not just in the dashboard. Also users who are logged into their account may also see the toolbar in your site (depending on your WordPress setup) even though are … Continued

How I became a web developer.

In my ten years working in the digital industry I never once experienced a web developer who had started their career through a ‘Become a qualified web developer in six weeks’ course. If you aren’t a graduate from a computing background an MSc conversion course to a computing related subject is an excellent way to … Continued

Useful WordPress plugins for developers

As a developer, when developing a project in WordPress here are some handy wordpress plugins that I find useful that will take care of some development tasks quickly and neatly. Regenerate Thumbnails The client requests that the design be changed at the eleventh hour and you are given new designs to update the front end with. Chances … Continued