How to hide the toolbar on your WordPress site.

If you are logged in to a WordPress site as a user you’ll automatically see the toolbar in the public side of the site and not just in the dashboard. Also users who are logged into their account may also see the toolbar in your site (depending on your WordPress setup) even though are not even logged into your site.

This can be a bit annoying and changes the functionality of the website a bit to users who don’t need to see the toolbar. There are two ways to hide the toolbar on your site.

Firstly you can do it on a per user basis. If you go to Users, then edit an individual users profile you will see a checkbox for Toolbar – Show Toolbar when viewing site. That user won’t see the toolbar anymore.

That’s fairly simple to do but more than likely if you are customising your WordPress site you’ll probably want the toolbar hidden by default and and not have to do it user by user.

A simple line of code will do the trick in the functions section of your theme will do the trick (if your new to theme development put it in the functions.php file in your theme).

add_filter('show_admin_bar', '__return_false');

And there you go, the toolbar is hidden from your website from logged in users.