Useful WordPress plugins for developers


As a developer, when developing a project in WordPress here are some handy wordpress plugins that I find useful that will take care of some development tasks quickly and neatly.

Regenerate Thumbnails

The client requests that the design be changed at the eleventh hour and you are given new designs to update the front end with. Chances are that in your theme you have created custom image sizes so that when the content editors add images to the site they are nicely resized to fit into design. Somewhere in your functions section of your WordPress theme you’ll add something like this

 add_image_size( 'category-thumb', 300 ); // 300 pixels wide (and unlimited height)
 add_image_size( 'homepage-thumb', 220, 180, true ); // (cropped)

Thing is, this was a late request and the content editors have already added lots of images which are intended to be live content but they won’t have been automatically resized to these new images sizes. This is where the Regenerate Thumbnails wordpress plugin comes in handy. Simply install it and then click regenerate thumbnails and all the images in your media library will be resized to the new sizes you just added. As you were…

Post Types Order

When we are making a custom theme we may want to display posts, or indeed custom posts in a very particular way other than ordering them by date. As developers this is for us the good old ‘ORDER BY’ sql and we can use this in the function get_posts. Chances are though that the content editors will request to have control to order the posts themselves and not programmed by date, category etc.

Step in the Post Types Order wordpress plugin. Once installed it will allow editors to drag and drop the posts from within the post pages in the admin. The shiny Jquery powered drag and drop interface will always be a winner with the content editors! The posts will now appear on the front end in the order they’ve been set. Just make sure the posts are ordered by ID.