Allowing your team more time to be creative.

Once you developed the ideas and designs of your web project send them our way and we'll take care of the development.

The development process

Here is a typical process for a WordPress build

You create and plan

You've thrased the ideas of the project with your client.

Your team develop the creatives of the project.

You send us the site map, wireframes, PSDs etc.

PSDs to HTML5, CSS and templating.

We set up a staging site on WP Engine. We turn the designs into HTML5 and CSS.

Responsive theme

We develop a fully responsive theme from your designs that will work in all modern browsers and devices.

All content is built so it's fully editable in the WordPress CMS.

Further functionality

Any custom functionality is built, i.e e-commerce, user registration etc.

We liase with you all the way.

All along we liase with your PM to ensure the project requirements are fullfiled.

A successful project.

Client feedback, testing and a round of changes.

Deploy to live. Job done